Optimize working capital and increase your company value

Our deep insight into the financial market means we understand factoring and banking solutions, pricing and mindset in detail.

NORTH’s Financial Procurement specialists help the CFO achieve the best possible working capital, the best cash flow, the lowest interest margin and the best terms.

Working capital optimization

There are various financial products that can help companies improve their working capital. However, not all of them are suitable for every business or situation. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the different options and works closely with the CFO to find the solutions that best fit the company’s needs and situation.

What's the benefits of working with NORTH?

  • Increased liquidity and financial stability
  • Less debt and more opportunity to invest in growth
  • Greater financial flexibility and better hedging
  • Higher sales proceeds when selling a business

Working Capital Finance

  • Invoices are purchased from a factoring company.
  • Primarily used by companies with +200 million. DKK in annual revenue.
  • The company can close the outstanding balance on its customer and book as cash.
  • The credit risk is transferred to a factoring company.
  • The past due notice procedure can either be handed over to the factoring company or managed by the company, depending on which factoring company is chosen.
  • Factoring company pays out the percentage value of the invoice on the date of issue.
  • Primarily used by companies with less than 200 million. DKK in annual revenue.
  • The rest of the invoice value is paid when the invoice is due.
  • Treated as a loan for accounting purposes.
  • The past due notice procedure can be handed over to a factoring company or handled by the company itself.
  • Also known as ‘reverse factoring’.
  • Primarily used by companies with +1 billion DKK in annual revenue.
  • Used by businesses to extend payment terms.
  • Companies agree with their bank to offer their suppliers a confirmed factoring agreement in exchange for longer payment terms.
  1. Choose a provider that technically fits your setup and geographical ambition. NORTH ensures the right setup that reduces the risk of wrong decisions, audit notes and lowers internal costs from FTEs.
  2. Get the best price that supports your business case. NORTH’s experience in bank negotiation ensures you get the best rates. Our argumentation is based on previous cases and our knowledge of banks’ pricing models.
  3. Grow your program. Factoring with 100% buy-off can be limited by banks’ desire for credit ratings. Therefore, check with the bank what resources they will provide to get the program up and running and to grow it afterwards. Supply chain finance programs rarely get more than 10 suppliers on their programs. NORTH grows your program.

  4. Make the right implementation. Once SCF or factoring is implemented, there are often problems with the operational implementation. This hurts the business and creates unnecessary inconvenience for those who are not measured by the success of working capital. For example, it’s important to align the new processes that the bank’s systems will require. NORTH helps ensure the right implementation.

Download our financial guide for the CFO

CFO, Accounting Manager, Finance Manager – well, whatever your position, this financial guide is for you if you are a decision-maker in a finance function responsible for the company’s financing, working capital, currency policy and risks in these areas.

finansiel guide

NORTH's Process

A course with us typically lasts two months. Based on your specific needs, we review your customer base and potential to optimize working capital. We bring our analysis to the negotiating table with suppliers and business partners, where we work with you to find a setup that best matches your needs and goals while also benefiting your business partners.

Phase 1


You present your challenges, needs and wishes. We present the potential to optimize your working capital and agree on an analysis, benchmarking, assessment and recommendation.

Phase 2


NORTH performs an in-depth analysis of your customer base and the potential to optimize your working capital, including what can be realized through invoice factoring or purchasing and supply chain finance.

Phase 3


Meetings are arranged with the relevant suppliers to present the analysis and assessment. We work together to negotiate solutions that benefit all parties.

Phase 4


Based on the negotiation and supplier offers, NORTH presents our recommendation on which solutions and suppliers best match your company's needs and goals.

What our customers say about the benefits of a project with us

Some of the people we've helped optimize working capital

SEC DataCom Group is a Nordic IT distributor with companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In the last financial year, SEC DataCom Group had a turnover of DKK 1,085 million and a profit before tax of DKK 12 million.

“As an impartial party, NORTH has acted extremely professionally, created increased transparency – and negotiated prices and terms that I am very satisfied with, as these are significant savings. The negotiation result also includes a more relaxed security package, which is worth keeping in mind. They receive my highest recommendations.” – Lars Zinglersen, CEO.

NoriDane Foods is a trading company that imports and distributes meat. NoriDane Foods trades meat in 89 countries around the world with a total of 800 partners. NoriDane Foods has approximately 80 employees and in 2020 NoriDane Foods had a turnover of 1.3 billion DKK with a profit before tax of DKK 20.5 million.

“We have been very satisfied with the process with NORTH, who analyzed our factoring solution. They identified areas that could be optimized, which were subsequently implemented, resulting in significant savings. In addition, the time spent on my part has also matched our initial discussions, which is important to include in the overall result. Financial Procurement receives my highest recommendations as a result of this process.”

Maki is the largest toy and game distributor in the Nordics. Maki distributes over 60 major international brands to more than 5000 retail chains, webshops and retailers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In the last financial year, Maki had a turnover of over 500 million euros. and an operating profit of 63 million DKK

CFO Henrik Rennison Hansen says the following in this regard: “NORTH has advised us on an assessment and optimization of our factoring buy-back program. We had an expectation that we had competitive prices as we had previously tendered ourselves, but NORTH’s insight into the market, advice and benchmarks meant that we achieved even better solutions and prices than we thought possible. As a result, we have been very satisfied with their work as an impartial party.”

HT Bendix is a trading company that sells fittings and accessories to the furniture and kitchen industry in Denmark and abroad. In the last financial year, HT Bendix had a gross profit of DKK 70 million with a pre-tax profit of DKK 26 million.

“We are very satisfied with their work and output. The entire process was handled efficiently and professionally by NORTH.”
– Claus Østergaard Jensen, CFO.

Abacus Medicine is a leading supplier of original prescription medicines in Europe and is built on parallel imports - the free movement of goods in the EU single market. This allows Abacus Medicine to offer medicines at a lower price in the market. Abacus Medicine has operations in over 12 countries with 750 employees. In the last financial year, Abacus Medicine had a turnover of DKK 3.1 billion and an EBITDA of DKK 79 million.

CFO Henrik Knudsen says that he has been satisfied with the process handled by NORTH and the outcome.

KK Wind Solutions is one of the world's leading suppliers of electrical control systems for the wind turbine industry with a broad global customer portfolio. The KK Group has around 1,400 employees and is owned by A.P. Møller Holding. In the last financial year, KK Wind Solutions had a turnover of DKK 2.1 billion and a profit before tax of DKK 176 million.

“NORTH has acted in a structured and professional manner throughout the entire process, where NORTH has contributed to the creation of a very satisfactory Reverse Factoring program, which meets our expectations. NORTH’s competencies in the financial area have been valuable, which is why we find them recommendable.”

Experienced experts in Financial Procurement

Our experts have many years of experience in the financial sector and the payments market, where they have created a large number of payment and financial solutions. Read about some of the 150+ references NORTH Financial Procurement has helped achieve better solutions and prices. You can also see our team.