Commercial and product liability insurance

At NORTH, you get innovative and value-adding insurance advice with a focus on proper insurance coverage, backed by a highly competent advisory and support organization, including our specialists in both the policy and claims side.

Our goals

Your insurance needs are our goal

The complexity of the commercial insurance market is constantly increasing. In particular, in recent years we have seen the consequences of Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and historically high inflation directly impact the insurance coverage of businesses across the board. This means that many insurance companies have both increased prices and worsened terms and conditions.

That’s why, more than ever, you need an independent insurance broker with insight into what’s possible and strong negotiating power to give you and your business a clear overview – and ensure you get the right coverage at the right price. At NORTH, the independent broker is backed up by our specialist teams in a wide range of insurance products, including commercial and product liability.

Based on The NORTH Way, our highly experienced specialists help analyze your company’s current insurance profile, and with a forward-thinking focus on risk assessment, we work through recommendations for prevention initiatives and continuously monitor your company’s needs as they evolve. This approach ensures your business a quality of advice that we at NORTH can only be proud of.

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Our specialists in commercial and product liability can provide expert advice on contracts, terms and conditions of sale and delivery, purchasing terms and conditions in conjunction with commercial and product liability to give you a qualified understanding of the interplay and dynamics between commercial negotiations, legislation and insurance coverage. This enables us to offer strong advice on issues that are complex for most people.

We are experts in the details

In a complex and changing market, the devil is in the detail which is important more than ever. Even small differences in insurance terms can make a big difference to your business. Our specialists are guaranteed to capture these details, which is why we can guide you and your business to choose the right, individual solutions, while giving you the understanding of your risk that is necessary to run a healthy business.

Experience and market knowledge

Our specialists have decades of experience and understand the needs of businesses for specific advice on the big and small issues of everyday life. In the area of professional and product liability, your company will need sparring, dialog and concrete feedback on contractual challenges in light of existing insurance coverage.

Our specialists have many years of experience with both insurance companies and insurance brokers and therefore know the stakeholders in virtually all insurance companies and have in-depth knowledge and access to fast and competent partners, which helps your company to clarify and hedge risks that may arise along the way, even outside the renewal period.

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