The right treatment for workplace injuries requires experts

At NORTH, we don’t work with standard solutions. We have developed our own methodology, The NORTH Way, where we analyze a clear and accurate picture of your company’s risk profile and coverage needs when it comes to workplace injuries

The team

The NORTH claims team consists of specialists in personal injury and administration, ensuring efficient and correct handling of workplace injuries. Our specialists have extensive experience and expertise in workplace injuries and personal injury compensation, allowing us to handle even complex cases with professionalism and precision.

Our team of specialists includes legal and insurance professionals who work together to ensure that injured parties receive the best possible treatment. Our legal experts are well-versed in workplace injury cases and have a deep understanding of the applicable laws and regulations. They ensure that our customers receive the right legal advice and assistance.

Our administrative team also plays an important role in facilitating the process for our customers. They ensure that all necessary documents and paperwork are correctly uploaded into our systems and ensure smooth and efficient case management.

NORTH's main task is to manage and facilitate the process for our customers

This applies from the time the injury is reported until the final decision is made in a work injury case. Our primary task is to ensure that the injured party receives the right treatment after the injury and to ensure the correct decision regarding compensation.

Every workplace injury is unique and treatment methods can vary significantly depending on factors such as the nature, location and severity of the injury. We assess whether the occupational injury should be treated internally at NORTH with authorization of relevant treatment expenses or sent on for treatment by Labour Market Insurance.

We do not forward all cases to the Labour Market Insurance, as it is both a cumbersome process for the injured party and the fees associated with it are high. We strive to find the most appropriate treatment method for each workplace injury, ensuring that injured workers receive the necessary treatment and rehabilitation in a more cost-effective way.

Our expertise and experience in workplace injury cases enables us to navigate the complex system and ensure a smooth process for our customers.

NORTH’s goal is to ensure that the correct decision is ultimately made and provide assistance with appeals. We understand the importance of injured workers receiving the fair compensation they deserve for their workplace injury. That’s why we work closely with our customers throughout the process and provide the necessary support and guidance.

If the decision from the Labour Market Insurance does not agree with our assessment, we will assist in appealing the decision and conduct appeals on behalf of the customer. Our legal experts are skilled at analyzing the case, identifying any errors or omissions, and crafting a strong argument to achieve a favorable decision on appeal.

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Our expertise and experience in workplace injury cases enables us to navigate the complex system and ensure a smooth process for our customers.

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