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The NORTH Liability Claims team is made up of tort law specialists dedicated to ensuring the proper handling of claims brought against our customers.

Our team

The NORTH Liability Claims team is made up of tort law specialists dedicated to ensuring the proper handling of claims brought against our customers.

While some of these claims may be below an insurance deductible, our team makes sure customers still get the right treatment. We have a wide range of experience and expertise in commercial liability claims and handle all cases with professionalism and objectivity.

Our team consists of lawyers and insurance-trained experts who work together to ensure the customer gets the best possible handling of their claim. We have an in-depth understanding of both the statutory and non-statutory rules that apply in this area. We ensure that our customers get the right legal treatment for the claims they face.

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NORTH’s primary mission is to be customer-centric and facilitate the process of liability claims. This applies from the moment we receive the claim until we make the final decision and communicate it to both the claimant and the customer. Our goal is to ensure that both the claimant and our customer receive a correct decision in relation to the claim.

As each liability claim is individual, we tailor our treatment specifically to each claim. We assess whether the damage should be handled internally at NORTH or whether it should be reported to an insurance company. If the latter is the case, we act as the customer’s liaison with the insurance company’s claims department and keep the customer in focus.

Experience and market knowledge

We strive to deliver high-quality claims handling and often manage to do it faster and cheaper than insurance companies without compromising on quality. Our primary focus is the customer, but that doesn’t mean claimants aren’t treated fairly and correctly. They deserve to receive exactly the compensation they are entitled to; no more, no less. Our extensive experience in liability claims allows us to navigate complex claims processes and ensure that all parties are heard.

The Liability Claims team’s goal is to ensure that correct decisions are made that comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and to ensure that the customer receives a legally correct assessment. We assist the customer with the assessment of the case, ask necessary questions and present the decision to the customer, who can agree or disagree. We also communicate the final decision to the claimant. We work closely with our customers throughout the process and provide the necessary guidance.

Sometimes our customers also have claims against a tortfeasor. We also help raise and execute recourse claims against the perpetrator and assist customers in obtaining compensation for their repair costs.

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Our expertise and experience in handling liability claims enables us to navigate the complex system and ensure a smooth process for our customers.

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