With NORTH, we have gathered some of the country’s most talented advisors – our ambition is to become Denmark’s leading independent financial guides.

Thinking about becoming a customer but need to know more before you make the decision? Get in touch with one of our expert advisors.

Who is NORTH?

NORTH is Denmark’s first independent consultancy within business insurance, company pensions, financial procurement and debt management. We offer private and public companies advice either as an independent broker or through a cost-effective agency model based on industry agreements, which ensures smaller companies good deals at attractive prices.

Peace of mind through 360-degree risk advice

NORTH gives you confidence in your decisions. We know that the financial sector, including insurance and pensions, can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate. At the same time, it’s a low-interest area for the vast majority. But not for us. Based on deep professionalism, accessibility and simple decision-making processes, we guide you on the right path so you can focus on achieving your company’s ambitions and goals. As your risk guide, we are committed to personalized, 360-degree advice of the highest quality. We’re here to solve your challenges that we’re experts in, so you and your business can face the future with confidence. Finding market-compliant solutions is part of our consultancy, but partnering with us gives you much more than that.

NORTH is an innovative, fact-based company created to shake up the financial industry. We have a modern digital set-up to collect and organize data so we can understand each customer’s unique needs in depth and present our solutions clearly and concisely. It’s The NORTH Way. We’ve rethought financial services and offer exactly what modern business leaders need.


Analysis: At NORTH, we always start by investing time in getting to know your business so we understand its unique challenges and potential. We do this through interviews, site visits and solid information and data collection.

Rating: Based on the thorough analysis of your business, we have a strong foundation for assessing the risk profile and can present you with initiatives that reduce your risk and improve your conditions. This puts us in a really strong position when it comes to negotiating terms and coverages.

Recommendation: Because we have a deep knowledge of your business, our negotiations will be with financial providers and companies as focused and optimal as possible. This means that our recommendations are 100% tailored to you and your business.

Monitoring: However, our commitment to you as a customer doesn’t stop with our recommendations and your choice of solutions. Because we monitor the financial markets around the clock, we can continuously introduce you to new opportunities with a focus on reducing your risk and improve your terms.

Ultimately, The NORTH Way guides the customer to the right solution, leaving them with significant risk minimization and better terms.

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