NORTH - your risk guide

NORTH is Denmark’s first independent advisory house within business insurance, company pensions, financial procurement and active mortgage debt management. We are an innovative, fact-based company created to shake up the financial industry. We have rethought financial services and offer exactly what modern business leaders need. With a digital setup to collect and organize data, we can deeply understand each customer’s unique needs and present our solutions clearly and precisely.

Your professional risk guide

At NORTH, we aim to be not just advisors but also to provide reassurance as your competent guide through complex and risky financial decisions and processes. We understand that navigating the financial sector can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with a foundation in deep expertise, availability, and straightforward decision-making processes, we lead you on the right path so you can achieve your company’s ambitions and goals. As your company’s risk guide, we commit to personal, 360-degree advising of the highest quality, so that together we can find the solutions that best prepare your business to meet the future safely and achieve your goals.

Thus, we are a professional guide, and the way forward is north: onward and upward.

We realize your potential

Based on our thoroughly tested method, The NORTH Way, we always take the time to fully understand your company’s unique situation and needs—before we advise! And we always supplement competent advice with concrete recommendations. Our over 200 highly qualified employees know exactly what it takes to navigate the new reality. Therefore, they can effectively guide you to realize your potential.


Analysis: At NORTH, we always start by investing time in getting to know your business so we understand its unique challenges and potential. We do this through interviews, company visits and solid information and data collection.

Assessment: Based on the thorough analysis of your business, we have a strong foundation for assessing your risk profile and can present you with initiatives to reduce your risk and improve your conditions. This puts us in a really strong position when it comes to negotiating terms and coverages.

Recommendation: Because we have a deep knowledge of your business, our negotiations with financial providers and companies are as focused and optimal as possible. This means that our recommendations are 100% tailored to you and your business.

Monitoring: The commitment to you as a customer doesn’t stop with our recommendations and your choice of solutions. Because we monitor the financial markets around the clock, we can continuously present you with new opportunities that can reduce your risk and improve your terms.

North kompas

With NORTH, we create a unified and strong Danish advisory firm focused on helping clients with their challenges and opportunities in an increasingly complex financial universe. We guide and assist in identifying the right solutions and products, so clients can make the right choices to reduce their risks and improve their terms.

Lars Gundorph