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Our property and casualty insurance specialists guide you confidently through the tendering process to get a deal and price that suits your business

Why use a placement specialist?

NORTH’s placement team has been working with tenders and EU tenders for more than a decade. We have completed countless tenders and have a wealth of experience. The placement team analyzes the offers, evaluates the quality and relevance to your needs and helps identify the most suitable bidder.

You get a specialist with an understanding of tender processes and insurance knowledge, which will optimize your tender outcome. We also ensure compliance with EU procurement regulations and stay up to date on changes in legislation and new judgments and rulings in the area.

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The placement team pays attention to detail and creates structure so that NORTH’s customers can achieve their procurement goals on time.

The NORTH placement team conducts public and non-public tenders. We have experience with both.

The non-public tenders are in all of our customers’ industries, and our strength lies in our in-depth insurance knowledge and attention to detail to ensure the right solution is chosen. We incorporate data and knowledge from all relevant carriers. This enables us to offer strong advice and unique solutions.

EU tenders

EU tenders are carried out according to both the Public Procurement Act and the Utilities Directive, and here we have particular experience within the industries:

  • Public
  • Real estate
  • Energy

Our team of placement specialists have high standards for transparency and proper management of public funds.

We have experience with procurement platforms such as Mercell and CTM/EU-Supply, development of evaluation models, market dialogue and negotiated tenders. We know the importance of a realistic timetable for a satisfactory tender outcome and that the statutory deadlines are met – but also that the timetable fits the practice when tendering for e.g. cross-border insurance coverage or layered programs. Foreign carriers are often involved when large, complex projects are put out to EU tender, and the Procurement team also has experience in checking the necessary documentation, for example by using E-certis.

A trusting collaboration with bidders

We are proud of the trusting relationship our Placement Specialists have with our carriers. We have collaborative meetings with the leading insurance companies in the market and ongoing dialog about product development and risk appetite and the market in general.


The good and trusting collaboration with carriers also creates the best negotiation opportunities in non-public tenders (the framework for public tenders is strictly regulated). We ensure fair competition and the best possible value for money.


Our experienced specialists minimize the risk of errors, irregularities or legal consequences. They ensure that all necessary procedures and documentation are correct and meet legal requirements.

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Our specialists within each insurance type ensure you get the right coverage at the most competitive price.

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