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Just a few years ago, cyber security meant avoiding viruses, data breaches and network crashes. Today, the biggest threat is a ransomware attack, where companies lose control and access to all computer networks. Confidential information is at stake, and in a world where everything business-critical is online, the ability to produce and work is suddenly impossible or severely limited.

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Cybercrime peace of mind

Cybercrime has become commonplace for Danish companies. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly exposed to cyber attacks, which are carried out using ever more sophisticated methods. Hacker attacks, internet fraud, viruses and DDoS attacks are just some examples.

The vast majority of businesses are heavily reliant on IT. But no matter how careful you are, there’s a significant risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

An attack can shut down production, cost lost revenue and damage customer satisfaction. This can have almost incalculable consequences for you.

That’s why NORTH has developed a targeted insurance solution that helps you get back to daily operations as quickly as possible with specialist IT, legal and PR advice.

Coverage with Cyber Insurance

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Cyber insurance protects businesses against financial costs incurred as a result of cyber attacks and other forms of cybercrime, helping to restore operations as quickly as possible.


The threat is big and current

It’s hardly news to anyone anymore that the cyber threat is relevant. It has become a basic condition that all businesses must operate by.

At the same time, we are seeing new regulations (e.g. NIS2 and DORA), and with that, the authorities are now making specific demands on companies’ cyber security with the natural assumption that you understand and familiarize yourself with your cyber risk.

Through advanced data analytics, NORTH can now give you increased insight into your current cyber exposure.

Gain insight into:

CyberCube partnership

NORTH has partnered with CyberCube, which offers software solutions and analytical tools to help understand and quantify cyber risks.

By applying advanced data analysis and modeling, NORTH can evaluate potential damage and losses due to cyber attacks and identify opportunities for risk management.

Your report contains

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of CXOs and IT professionals list hacktivists among their top threats. This is 11 percentage points more than last year and the highest share ever.

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of CXOs and IT professionals report that their company has suffered at least one security incident in the last financial year. This is the fourth year in a row that more than one in two businesses have been affected.


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