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The NORTH Way is your assurance of optimal insurance solutions and outstanding results.

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We translate insights into strong insurance programs and results

Deep insight into your business and industry is essential to create the right insurance program that covers everything from everyday damages to frequent renovations, new builds and EU tenders in accordance with current regulations. At the same time, we provide you with a unique overview and solid documentation, and we help you with security and loss prevention measures. This ensures a good overview and claims process – ultimately, it also means safe tenants. And that’s exactly why we can deliver the strong results that we will ultimately be measured on.

In your work, you’re probably also concerned with creating an overview and documentation. For insurance purposes, we help you with reassurance and damage prevention measures, which guarantees an overview, a good claims process and ultimately, safe tenants.

In addition to ensuring that your insurance policies are on competitive terms, our overview and documentation tools help ensure that a large part of your time is not spent on managing and negotiating insurance policies.

We deliver strongly on your needs and wishes

There are large sums of money at stake when you, as a housing or real estate company, need to put together the optimal insurance program. That’s exactly why we’ve developed the tried and tested NORTH methodthat ensures you the best possible collaboration on your insurance policies and therefore the right solutions.

Our dedicated specialists have a humble and focused approach to working with large real estate portfolios. This means that we are always in tune with your and the market’s needs, wishes and requirements. At the same time, you’re guaranteed absolutely competitive terms and prices, and our overview and documentation tools free up your time so you can spend it on other things than managing and negotiating insurance.

After we put the job out to tender, 85% of our housing associations use NORTH as their insurance broker. With 1,500 properties, it can be hard to keep track, but NORTH helps us do just that. At the same time, we have got very better control of ours damage and the cost of insurance, as well as NORTH has found some serious errors in previous policies, the could have been fatal.

Bent Gail-Kalashnyk

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property insurance is today managed by us.

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which works exclusively with housing and real estate companies.

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