Our business insurance advisors navigate you safely through a complex world

Because the world has changed significantly, we developed The NORTH Way. It gives you both less risk and better terms.

A whole new approach to business insurance

The complexity of the world is constantly increasing – and so is the risk landscape facing your business. At NORTH, we know that this evolution requires a completely new approach to insurance. That’s why we’ve developed The NORTH Way, which gives you a much greater overview and transparency – so we can work with you to choose exactly the insurance policies that give your business both less risk and better terms.

The NORTH Way - Business Insurance

Analysis: At NORTH, we place a strong emphasis on analyzing your company’s unique situation – through site visits, interviews, review of current agreements, and prior information and data collection. Because we know that strong analysis is exactly what forms the foundation for optimal risk management.

Assessment: Our comprehensive analysis enables us to assess your company’s risk profile in detail, so we can both identify new preventative initiatives and suggest ways to improve your current solutions. Overall, this gives us a solid starting point for further dialog with the insurance companies.

Recommendation: We negotiate with insurance companies based on our solid business knowledge and thorough risk profile. We then present you with recommendations for solutions that best match your company’s situation and needs.

Monitoring: As a NORTH customer, your business benefits from our constant monitoring of the market. This means we inform you immediately when new opportunities for savings and better terms arise.

North kompas

We offer business insurance in four areas

byggeplads med kraner

Industry and business

Deep insight into customer needs, wants and requirements – nationally and internationally.

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Housing and real estate

A collaboration built on openness, trust and a high level of information.

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Fagfolk der kravler op ad en vindmølle

Public and utilities

With extensive experience and control of procurement processes, we create security and overview.

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erhvervsfolk omkring et bord

Mergers & Acquisitions

Reduces transaction risks and protects the investment for both buyer and seller.

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NORTH business insurance

As your personal risk guide in insurance we conduct an in-depth analysis of your business based on its current risk profile. We presents suggestions for prevention initiatives, that will give your business a new and much better risk profile. This means that insurance companies get a much more picture of your company’s situation and coverage needs, which which ultimately puts them in the best position to offer you the the right the right insurance coverage and premium.

NORTH culture


As a NORTH customer, you'll find that we can always offer you a wide range of new, innovative solutions that give you less risk and better terms.


At NORTH, you'll be met with world-class service and guidance. This ensures that you are thoroughly familiarized with your current risk picture and presented with a forward-thinking and holistic insurance program.

Creating value

As your impartial guide, your satisfaction and goal achievement is NORTH's number one priority. That's why you can rest assured that we only initiate activities when they create value for your business.